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dave younie These fuckers are beyond batshit. Blistering riffs, drumming like jackhammers and schizoid vocals all contribute to total hyper speed Necro Black Metal unlike any other bands I can think of. Hyper speed parts punctuated by dirge and otherworldly vocals. A true enigma in every sense of the word. Essential stuff. Make sure you get all the cds/vinyl whatever and try and play all of the albums one after the other. Endurance test to end them all....
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From the band Nihill's first record (which also happens to be the first of a trilogy), KRACH, is a piece of a puzzle forming a key to reach for death and beyond. A transfiguration into a new spiral leading ever inwards. This transfiguration is caught in the music.

Imploding funeral drones, raging mechanical ice winds and unearthly screams capture this end of the mortal body. The leaving of this morbid insanity we call life is reflected in the music. Recommended for fans of Death Spell Omega and Sunn O))).


released September 15, 2009



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Nihill Netherlands

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Track Name: Mundus Subterreanus
Raise the poisoned cup
The secret history of the earth
The primal scream of rex mundi
Entering the whirlpool of birth and death
Bodies afloat in Hades
Chained in darkness and fog
Blackening of the sun at its zenith
In the midst of life we are in death
Behold a black beast in the forest
Seeing the salamander
A glimpse of another world
A gift of gods below
Track Name: Gnosis Pt. I
The secret name of our adversary
A billion voices echoing
Streets stretching awash with smoke
This industrial lunar night of bliss and terror
A velvet curtain falling
Kings and slaves locked in and embrace
of passion and hatred
Golden age, silver age, silicon age
Man will be... no more
Kept in the dark with nothing left to dwell on
Talking in their beds beneath the ground
Tongueless repeating old dialogues
A new scent fills the air
Saturn and his wolf unite
The primal source revived
Dry sockets thirst for a final glimpse
of a sky with fading stars
Going through the end
Descending in the jaws of the dragon
Is to witness the traumatic act of birth
Let the red blood return to its bones
Track Name: Dreams Upon the Scaffold
The leaden god of depression
Spitting out his stones
Spiraling in an incalculable trajectory
A fiery conjunction
Of two trinitarian worlds
Merged in the seal of Solomon
Crying vultures circle above
The piercing halo of hooded master appears
Weaklings lie in wait
In a spirit of hopeless resignation
Behold the black banner
Palaces will turn into ruins
Let a tomb therefor be dug
To end the inevitable
Weaklings in unbearable suspense
That they be put on trial
That they be imprisoned
That they be executed
Coffins to be filled
An idiosyncratic path to follow
Lumbers ever onward
Towards a cavernous cosmic hell inside
Track Name: Gnosis Pt. II
Residing in empty winds
At the sulphurous pit
Sailing the stinking black waters of transfiguration
The axis of all fears
The terrible and invisible entity
An essence like a wheel
The longer you look at it spinning
The more you learn of its figure
The more you desire the wheel
To subject all
Every spirit of heaven and air
Upon the earth and under the earth
On dry land and in the water
Every scourge of go
May be obedient to me
My sweat is the shower that falleth upon the earth
The hour is at hand
Atoms molded in my design
Ill deeds be done in the cosmos
My heart girt with a serpent
To bleed the blackest of black